What to Expect From a Mechanical Vehicle Inspection in Melbourne

While there are many types of car inspections, most people are familiar with a mechanical inspection. This type of used car inspection in Melbourne is the most common, and basically makes sure the car functions properly. However, there are some key points that you must make sure the inspector is checking if you want to avoid costly problems down the road.

Of course the first thing the mechanic will look at is the engine. However, it is not that simple. A quick visual inspection will not give the full picture. Neither will starting up the engine or even driving the car around. While visual inspections are important to check for wear, the mechanic must also use specialised diagnostic equipment to check electrical function, CO2 levels and other functions that may not be obvious to the naked eye. They will also need to check power steering and brake systems, as worn parts in those can be disastrous.

In addition, they will need to check essential functions such as tyres and wheels. While the mechanic may refer you to a specialised tyre shop if the rubber is too worn, it is important that the wear patterns are checked. Uneven wear can show poor alignment or damaged axles, as well as presenting a major safety hazard. Even small problems with wheels and axles can be very expensive, so it is important that they are examined thoroughly during the used car inspection in Melbourne.

By talking with your inspector before bringing the vehicle to them and making sure they do a thorough check of every system, you can be sure that your car will function safely for a long time to come.