Negligence or Manufacturers Defect? Your Vehicle Inspection In Melbourne Will Find It All

Imagine, you loan your car to your friend in what you think is perfect working order, only to get it back to find that it is making clunking noises, the gear shaft isn’t working properly or the lights are out. And you know that everything was in perfect working order, because you had a vehicle inspection in Melbourne the week prior. So what has happened to your car? Has your friend damaged it? Or is there some manufacturers defect that has crept up in that short space of time? It can certainly happen.

If your car was in perfect working order when you had your vehicle inspection in Melbourne, then the chances are either your friend mistreated your car, or something is wrong with the integral workings of the car. It is at this point that you should take your car to a qualified mechanic who can determine which of these scenarios is the case. If he determines that your friend is at fault through negligence, you will need to work out the issues with him or her. If your mechanic determines that it is a manufacturing defect, then you are in luck, because your mechanic will liaise with the manufacturer to ensure that your car is as good as new as soon as possible. Either way, once you realise that something is wrong with the car, your best bet is to not drive it until it has been rechecked. And when you do bring it to the mechanic, assuming it is not the same one that performed your vehicle inspection in Melbourne, make sure to bring your report with you so that he can look it over in depth.